Research and Development

The basis for innovation​

The innovative technologies we employ for your benefit are based on our extensive R&D activities: 8% of the >4000 KROHNE employees work in research and development. This high proportion reflects our orientation towards innovation, and is enabled by our structure as a family business. ​

Next to sensor physics, the focus is on device communication and enabling technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) in process industry, e.g. ethernet communication to transmit process and device diagnostic data for evaluation and process optimisation. ​

In addition, KROHNE conducts basic research in various areas of physics, and we maintain numerous partnerships with universities worldwide.​

Research cooperations

Current funded projects:​

  • ReMiX

  • Service-Meister

  • KEEN


  • TeiA

  • KoPPonA2.0

KROHNE Technology Day

The “International KROHNE Technology Days” is an discussion and exchange forum for all R&D topics within the KROHNE Group in the format of an internal conference. At the “TechDays”, employees from all R&D sites meet to share and discuss the research and development activities within the KROHNE Group. The format provides the basis so they can share and connect their projects, results, ideas and enthusiasm, while guest speakers from universities, customers and partners provide enriching impulses and different perspectives.​

Cooperation with universities​

KROHNE maintains numerous partnerships with universities worldwide, for example with: ​

  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum, RUB​

  • Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara​

  • Technical University Delft​

  • Technical University Eindhoven​

  • University of Technology Twente​

  • University of Amsterdam​

  • University of Wageningen​

  • North China Electric Power University ​

  • Malmö Högskola​

  • Lunds Tekniska Högskola, LTH

Research and Development sites​ ​

KROHNE operates research and development sites in:

France ​

  • KROHNE S.A.S, Romans sur Isere​


  • KROHNE Messtechnik, Duisburg​

  • KROHNE Innovation, Bochum​

  • KROHNE Pressure Solutions, Minden​


  • KROHNE Solutions, Timișoara​


  • KROHNE INOR, Malmö​

The Netherlands

  • KROHNE New Technologies, Dordrecht​

  • KROHNE Oil and Gas, Breda​

United Kingdom

  • KROHNE LTD, Wellingborough​


  • KROHNE Marine, Brevik​