Coal bed methane in natural gas production

From wet gas measurement solutions to Custody Transfer flowmeters and metering systems

Coal bed methane is a form of natural gas that is absorbed in a coal seam. To extract it a well is drilled into the coal seam and water is pumped out to reduce the pressure in the coal seam. Due to the pressure reduction, natural gas with a very high methane content is released from the coal bed. The natural gas is collected on top of the well and, if required, sent to a separator to remove abundant water, after which it is sent to a gas treatment plant. The produced water is either re-injected or sent to a water treatment plant.

The KROHNE portfolio includes a variety of instruments and solutions that are optimally equipped for coal bed methane applications. Take for example our ultrasonic and electromagnetic flowmeters that, because of the lack of rotating parts that would be subject to wear, guarantee excellent long-term performance on produced water. Available up to 2500# (PN420) these meters are also used for well water injection systems. For natural gas we offer a dedicated portfolio of instruments ranging from wet gas Venturi-based metering systems up to highly accurate Custody Transfer flowmeters and metering systems.


  • Accurate measurement to optimise well performance
  • No wear of mechanical parts due to contaminations as sand and gravel


  • Accurate measurement to optimise well control
  • Meter to remain operation in case of wet gas