Mobile calibration

On-site calibration service for flowmeters

  • On-site calibration services for flowmeters performed by experienced KROHNE egnineers

  • State-of-the-art calibration unit and adherence to industry standards

  • Comprehensive assessment of plant equipment to tailor the calibration process

  • Calibration is performed on-site: no removal, shipping and reinstallation of flowmeter required

At a glance

  • Mobile calibration equipment utilising state-of-the-art flow technology: complies with industry standards for accuracy and reliability
  • Our technicians are fully trained and certified in a wide range of flowmeters and calibration procedures
  • Comprehensive on-site assessment of your equipment to tailor the calibration process to your specific needs and requirements

Your challenge

Traditional flowmeter calibration involves the inconvenience of disassembling, packing and shipping the instrument to a calibration facility. During this downtime, a replacement flowmeter or spool piece must be installed, adding complexity and potential disruption to the process. Managing calibration across multiple sites, with varying intervals and meter types, can quickly become a time-consuming logistical effort for plant maintenance and calibration departments.

Our service

KROHNE offers a solution to this challenge with our flexible Mobile Calibration service. Our experienced technicians come directly to your site with all the necessary calibration equipment. This on-site calibration not only simplifies the process, but also significantly reduces downtime. There's no need to ship instruments off-site, saving both time and costs associated with transportation. Overall, mobile calibration of flowmeters provides industrial plants with a flexible and efficient solution to maintain the accuracy and reliability of their measurement systems while minimising operational disruptions.

Your added value

  • Minimise downtime with on-site calibration, eliminating the need to ship equipment off-site
  • Cost savings by eliminating transport costs and reducing operational disruption
  • Improved accuracy and reliability of measurements with calibrations performed close to operating conditions
  • Customised calibration solutions to meet specific plant requirements, optimising equipment performance
  • Access to a wide range of calibration services beyond flowmeters, ensuring comprehensive maintenance support