Priority treatment

VIP service for all day-to-day service and repair requests

  • Fast lane for service requests puts customers first in the service queue

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees reservation of next free service slot

  • Including remote support and site service visits

  • Reduced downtime through accelerated on-site premium support

At a glance

  • Premium service option for all day-to-day activities
  • Top-notch assistance from remote support to on-site service visits
  • Subject to an individual Service Level Agreement (SLA) with KROHNE

Your challenge

In the realm of process instrumentation, downtime is more than just an inconvenience. This is particularly true for operators with critical or safety-related infrastructure where downtime is not an option. When long-term stable measurement is paramount, any interruption in instrument functionality can lead to costly delays and potential risks that can impact safety, productivity and profitability.

Our service

Enter KROHNE's Priority Treatment option, a premium service designed to reduce the burden of downtime and streamline the maintenance and repair process. This VIP service ensures that customers receive unparalleled support and attention, with a range of benefits tailored to speed up installation, commissioning, and repair activities.

A dedicated Service Level Agreement (SLA) grants its holder priority for on-site service and repair visits. SLA holders automatically jump to the front of the service queue over non-SLA holders, no matter when the service request was issued.

This priority treatment service is particularly useful for plant operators with critical or safety-related applications. SLA holders benefit from a fast response time for on-site service to maintain maximum plant availability, which saves costs and provides a quick return on investment in this service option.

Please check your local KROHNE office for availability of this service!

Your added value

  • Rapid service response to maintain maximum plant uptime and save costs
  • Service and repair request can be easily submitted by phone, email, or the dedicated KROHNE Request an Engineer link [URL/form]
  • Puts your application at the forefront of the service queue, ensuring expedited resolution to technical issues
  • Peace of mind for SLA holders: your service requests are always reserved for the next available slot, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency

KROHNE Service Top Tips

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