Repair services for enhanced product lifetime of damaged and returned process instruments

  • Full product refurbishment available

  • Cost-effective standard repair at KROHNE facilities, incl. end of life analysis

  • Expert offsite repair if on-site servicing is not possible

At a glance

  • Comprehensive repair options, e.g. customer collection, cleaning, error assessment and error fixing, upgrades and calibration
  • Repairs in accordance with tried and tested repair procedures using KROHNE original manufacturer equipment
  • Repair in dedicated KROHNE factories and service facilities

Your challenge

The failure or damage of measuring devices can directly affect the process stability and safety of a plant. In this case, it is important to fix the measuring point in a timely manner. If the instrumentation cannot already be repaired on site by a KROHNE service technician, the measuring device must be removed. In most cases, however, it is not necessary to purchase a new device and a repair of the measuring technology is a reasonable and cost-saving measure.

Our service

KROHNE therefore offers extensive Repair service options. Should it be necessary to have your instrumentation checked, maintained or repaired, we will examine your measuring device in our certified production and service facilities, identify the mechanical and/or electronic error causes and eliminate all sources of error. In this way, the service life of the existing instrumentation is increased, and the customer's investment is spared. The focus is on prompt recommissioning. A possible process standstill or a prolonged measuring point failure is thus limited in the best possible way.

Our comprehensive repair packages can include a range of enhanced pre- and post-repair options such as instrument collection at the customer’s site, initial cleaning and, if required, mechanical refurbishment, electronic upgrading and subsequent calibration.

Please submit your repair and equipment return requests here [Link]

Your added value

  • Fast analysis and issue solving
  • Experienced repair departments ensure high quality standards and fast product returns
  • Sustainable alternative to a full instrument replacement
  • Extended product life cycle saves customer CAPEX

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