Pipeline Theft Detection

Fast detection and localisation of illegal tapping


Most incidents on pipelines are due to product theft. Often, only small amounts of product are taken over a short period of time. If these illegal tappings remain undetected, considerable financial damage is caused for the pipeline operator, as well as leaks that can lead to permanent pollution of the environment.


The intelligent monitoring solution PipePatrol Theft Detection has a special theft pattern recognition which, in combination with process instrumentation for pressure, temperature and flow, allows it to detect and localise illegal tapping of pipelines accurately and reliably. An alert is issued within minutes so that pipeline operators can take countermeasures as quickly as possible.

Safety benefits

  • Alert issued within minutes after illegal tapping to stop the act of theft

  • Dedicated theft pattern recognition: Quick identification and localisation of product theft based on change in hydraulic characteristics within the pipeline

  • Various alarm and theft reportings possible, e.g. via e-mail, via Google Earth® location report or via the SynEnergy web-based HMI for PC and mobile devices

  • Post theft analysis service for offline evaluation of recorded data to determine incident times and locations of regular theft event

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